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There once was a Light ~ like a glowing marble in a dark sea ~ and held within it were Sparks of Creation, some of which sought to explore the deep reaches of space ~ But to leave the Light was forbidden so as to keep all under the front of One, undisturbed by the ripples of Time ~


So these sparks dimmed their glow and fell into a collective sleep ~ to dream of their escape, to create worlds in which to play ~ But their dream turned into a nightmare as they Forgot ~ their Origin, the Light, themselves ~ and believed the forms and guises of their own Creations ~


If they listened, they could hear the Call back to the Light on the Numa of their self-made worlds ~ But even those who now sought a way out of their minds could not wake up, cycling with the currents, dying in their sleep each night ~


From the Heart of its Essence, the Light made one spark into two ~ two who would enter the Dream and also forget ~ but by their union, they would come to remember, and free not only the Dreamers, but the Light itself ~ which would then expand and reconnect to the Lights beyond the dark space of its own forgetting ~



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