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Krysalis and Corben came out of a life-long search for meaning and purpose. Compelled by life’s big questions (where did we come from? what is the meaning of existence?...) I sought the answers in many places ~ in orthodox and mystical religions; mythology and folklore; biology, cosmology, and quantum mechanics; in spiritual, new age and occult movements; and in clinical, transpersonal and Jungian psychology. Although I found many worthwhile things, I was still dissatisfied with the answers I came across.

I also looked for existential insight in other people’s stories and worlds, in narrative and cinema (the 1982 film The Dark Crystal, in particular, was a formative seed influence of this series....) It wasn’t until much later when I decided to stop searching ‘out there’ for answers and to create my own Origin story instead.

Lotus, 2013, Katarzyna Vedah,

Krysalis and Corben began in 2008 after a personal life crisis and a series of dreams. As a creative project, it evolved in fits and starts,  undergoing three deaths over 12 years where I gave up on it completely, and destroyed my work before feeling compelled to start once again. The vision of the world I saw outstripped my ability to bring it to life and all my efforts seemed lacking. Without a dedicated studio and very limited resources, art-making for me came down to small ink and graphite drawings I could fit on a scanner bed.


Fundamentally, this forced me to focus on the essence of what I wanted to convey, giving rise to this digital art-narrative. Through this work, I seek to explore the underlying  human need for connection and belonging... may it inspire others who are seeking their own light....


~ Katarzyna Vedah

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